Saturday 8th June 2024 WINCHESTER RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB North Walls Park, Hillier Way, Winchester SO23 7SU
Warehouse of Thieves From the vibrant heart of Northern England emerges the exhilarating and dynamic Warehouse of Thieves! They are poised to rock your world with their original compositions, seamlessly weaving together progressive rock, contemporary folk, and indie sounds. Prepare to be swept away as they command the stage, delivering fresh interpretations of beloved hits that will leave you tapping your feet and singing along. With harmonies that soar, solos that ignite, and beats that demand your attention, Warehouse of Thieves will immerse you in an anthemic sonic experience. Their charismatic stage presence and engaging audience interaction will keep you entertained from the first note to the final encore.
A.D.Cooke COLOURFUL, FUN, POLISHED, PROFESSIONAL, LIVELY, UPBEAT, HUMOROUS, DYNAMIC, are just a few words that have been used in reviews recently for this band. AD Cooke, Wigan’s own ‘Northern Girl’ is a singer/songwriter and trained vocal coach. Complimenting AD’s vocal is fellow band mate Netty Hunter with her beautiful close melodic harmonies. AD’s songs are real stories about life, love, fun and happy times, with a bit of humour and cynicism thrown in for good measure. She regularly performs at festivals in and around the UK and has released three original music albums ‘NORTHERN GIRL’ ‘FLYING’ and ‘DADDLE DE DAH’ Her music is available on Spotify YouTube, Amazon and itunes.
Mother Ukers Pioneers of Ukular Fusion Playing songs from throughout the ages on their Ukuleles, the Mother Ukers are a three piece Ukulele band based in Dorset / Hampshire The Band take on modern day classics (1960's - present) with their tiny ukuleles and forge them into timeless wonders of a bygone era.
Tin Roof Strollers Playing several instruments, often at the same time, the Tin Roof Strollers perform lively and character full Dixieland and New Orleans jazz. With the use of a loop pedal, it is possible for this talented duo to fool the audience into thinking that there are many more players, but their multi-instrumental view on life allows them to build up layers of sound we seem to contradict their number. Jeff and George met around 15 years ago and have been involved in many groups and projects between them, from symphony orchestras to Bollywood brass bands, their experience is wide and varied. This enables them to bring a wealth of different genres and styles together in this New Orleans Jazz band with the difference. Get your toes tapping, and your legs dancing - the Tin Roof Strollers are on their way!
Ukulele Simon Ukulele Simon is one of the freshest and most exciting performers on the ukulele scene. His signature style combines singing, beatboxing and live looping to create a full and thick live sound that would definitely blow the froth off your cappuccino. Combining the ukulele with technology, he creates a wall of sound that rivals a tidal wave, which will leave you wondering “How is he making that sound with a ukulele?”. Simon is on a mission to bring the party to every show he does, from getting the crowd singing in three part harmony at Winchester Ukulele Festival in 2022 to a full on stage invasion at Galway Ukulele Fest in 2023. So warm up those vocal cords, make sure you stretch and grab a glow stick or ten, because you won’t want to miss the whirlwind that is Ukulele Simon.
Matt Hicks Matt Hicks has balanced singer songwriting alongside working full time as an intensive care nurse. Having redefined what it is to be a successful songwriter over the years, he feels that 22 years as a nurse in the Royal Navy and now the NHS has contributed to the quality of his output. Starting out in his teens, he has enjoy various successes in his music including playing at the Cambridge Folk Festival and recognition in the Brits Songwriting Competition. About 15 years ago he burnt out and put his guitar down swearing he’d never pick it up again. He kept to it for some time until he picked up a ukulele wondering how the hell anyone thought they could get a decent sound out of it. So began a love hate relationship that fooled him back into writing and ultimately performing again. Matt is a well know name in the UK ukulele world having played many of the major Uke festivals; but refuses now to be pinned down by one label or instrument. He will almost always write on a Uke in the belief that if a song works on a Uke it’s a good song, but he is as comfortable on acoustic guitar and uses both in his live shows. His music weaves in and out of genres from country, to blues to jazz. Counting Leon Redbone, Bob Dylan, Frank Stokes and Woody Guthrie as heroes, his style reflects his eclectic taste.
Anarchy In The Ukulele Striking harmonies, dynamic rhythms, catchy songs and witty banter, come together to form a formidable and energetic live act, that is taking the ukulele scene by storm. Formed as part of their Anarchy in the Ukulele YouTube channel, this seven piece band is made up of professional musicians and multi-instrumentalists from around the UK. With influences from the world of americana, country, a little bit of rock and a sprinkling of cheesy pop, Anarchy in the Ukulele take songs you think you know and twist them into something new and unexpected. This is ukulele, but not as you know it. “Everyone loved it! The atmosphere was electric and the audience’s amazing comments spoke for themselves” - Johnny Clifford, The Vale, Manchester “You guys are awesome!” - Tara Maysey, The Ukulele Project “The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain for a new generation”
The Hedge Inspectors The Hedge Inspectors are an acoustic duo based in East Hampshire. They perform original songs on ukulele and bass - drawing from multiple genres, to reflect their eclectic musical influences. Their songs move from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again, with subjects derived from 'true' situations and the human condition. They thrive on audience participation, so expect to be singing and shouting along !
Artists appearing at this years festival. (Subject to contract - line up may change) See ‘Who’s On When’ for performance times
The Splendid Strumalong with Unplugthewood Mike Krabbers and his wife Caroline (aka The Hedge Inspectors) will be leading another ‘Splendid Strumalong’ in the afternoon. Last time a packed strumming crowd filled the club house for an amazing musical extravaganza. There will be plenty of room for all, so bring your ukes and be prepared to join in.
Winchester Uke Jam Formed 11 years ago, the Winchester Uke Jam has brought smiles to faces at dozens of charity events in and around the city, from the Hat Fair to village halls and the Cathedral grounds. The WUJ has turned into an enthusiastic, eclectic and sometimes enormous band. From a small handful of players to dozens of ukes, with the odd guitar and some silky kazoos, the band entertains with favourite songs old, new and revived. Hosting the Winchester Ukulele Festival will, once again, be a real highlight.
George Hinchliffe In addition to playing the ukulele from his youth, George Hinchliffe has played Hammond Organ in a soul band with Mary Wells and other Motown artists, electric viola in a free jazz group, electric mandolin in an asian wedding band, and worked briefly with Michael Nyman, Hans Zimmer and Brian Eno. He has produced punched card music for mechanical fairground organs, and constructed unusual instruments. He had a theatre company in the early ‘80s, and produced music for The South Bank Show, Granada TV, the BBC, The British Council and The Frankfurt Book Fair. Now and then, George does a solo performance or workshop. When wit falls short he plays music, when the music fails to convince he tells stories either weird or wonderful. George is the founder and director of the the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (, self-described as “a group of all-singing, all-strumming ukulele players, which believes that all genres of music are available for reinterpretation, as long as they are played on the ukulele.” Since its founding, Hinchliffe has been with the orchestra for near as dang-it 40 years on “a world tour with only hand luggage”. Concerts are billed as “funny, virtuosic, twanging, awesome, foot- stomping obituaries of rock-n-roll and melodious light entertainment”, delivering “one plucking thing after another”. The orchestra has performed and jammed with musical types like HRH Prince Harry, George Harrison, Yusuf Islam, Wheatus, Pee Wee Ellis, and Slim Gaillard. They’ve also played Carnegie Halls in New York City and on the Shetland Islands. George has been a New Musical Express crossword clue and a University Challenge question.
Arlo Anwin Composer and performer Arlo Anwin has quickly made a name for himself, composing and creating with the ukulele, crafting unique sounds and textures. Recognised for using loopstations and ukulele to build an engaging and transformative performance of stunning instrumental music; he jumps from out and out virtuosity to the most subtle and minimal touch. His unique approach to the uke has attracted the support of loopstation leaders BOSS, and the request for contributions to ukulele grade exams. Arlo Anwin has enjoyed a bumper year of commissions including a recent commission from a renowned visual artist to compose for a soon to be released animation, as well as scoring the soundtrack for a film chosen to premier at the Minneapolis film festival. Even in the most cinematic setting Arlo always puts the ukulele at the fore.
Phil Doleman Phil’s love of vintage blues, hokum, old-time, and jug band music shines through as he blows the dust off obscure old songs and gives new life to classics with his intricate picking and driving rhythms on both ukulele and banjo. His original songs blend in seamlessly, with many believing them to be old songs that had passed them by. “massively entertaining”Blues Matters Magazine “Genuinely good-time music from ukulele stalwart, who also plays a mean banjo”fRoots Magazine