Saturday 8th June 2024 WINCHESTER RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB North Walls Park, Hillier Way, Winchester SO23 7SU
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Workshop 1 - 10.00 am - 50 mins Phil Doleman - Old Time Ukulele Jam We’ll learn three great old tunes, “Nine Pound Hammer”, “Trouble In Mind”, and “Deep River Blues”, each one in a different key, play them together, and develop them into songs you can perform. We’ll also take “Deep River Blues” a little further by adding a chord / melody instrumental break. All Levels Workshop 2 - 10.00 am - 50 mins Matt Hicks - From Plinky Plonk to Honky Tonk In this workshop Matt Hicks puts the theory books aside and shares his knowledge and tips on how to finger pick and optimise chord work around it. He'll be covering his uke version of the famous Travis country pick, but will also cover a clawhammer cheat and clawhammer itself. By the end of this session you won't be an expert but you'll be well on the way to impressing your fellow uke players and you may never play plinky plonk uke ever again. Intermediate Workshop 3 - 11.00 am - 50 mins George Hinchliffe - Knowing The First Thing About Music George will invite the participants to engage with a song which contains only three major chords which everybody knows, and which means the song might be thought of as a simple piece of music. The participants will then be invited to find ways in which the song can be performed effectively… by considering the tempo, metre, key, intermediate chords, part movement, arrangement, playing technique, genre and style. All Levels Workshop 4 - 11.00 am - 50 mins Ukulele Simon - Breaking Out Of The Island Strum This workshop will introduce you to rhythms and strumming patterns from across the globe to help you break out of the same of D,D,U,U,D,U strumming pattern. You will be transported to Jamaica, the U.S.A and Latin America with your ukulele in hand, ready to learn new, sometimes challenging and exiting strumming patterns. All Levels